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SwissHoldings is fully supporting this successful project which is fundamental for the BEPS initiative objectives. We believe that CbC reporting supports the need for more transparency that is essential to fulfill the BEPS project’s objectives.

After the first few years, MNEs have largely set up processes to implement current requirements and continue to improve these processes. Also the tax authorities are making their first experience with using CbC reporting data for risk assessment purposes. Notwithstanding, CbC reporting is still new. Some jurisdictions have just recently introduced mandatory CbCR requirements.

We believe that experiences still have to be made before larger changes can be implemented. While we welcome process improvements and clarifications, we consider that they should apply to the same data as required today to also ensure sufficient comparability.

We support the proposals as outlined in our comment (appendix) which has been prepared in conjunction with our member companies. Please contact us if you require additional information.

Download appendinx (pdf)

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