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Session recaps

Session recap Spring Session 2023

This is an automatic translation, which is why errors may occur Both councils 20.026 Code of Civil Procedure. Amendment As the Councils...

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Press releases

Parliament adopts important provision on professional secrecy protection for in-house counsel

This is an automatic translation, which is why errors may occur Today, Parliament clearly approved the bill to amend the Code of Civil...

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Accounting and Financial Reporting

SwissHoldings comment letter on ED International Tax Reform—Pillar Two Model Rules

SwissHoldings, the Swiss Federation of Industrial and Services Groups in Switzerland, represents 61 Swiss groups, including most of the...

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Session Preview Spring Session 2023

This is an automatic translation, which is why errors might occur. The session preview provides an overview of important business falling...

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Dossier Digitalbesteuerung

Joint consultation response on compliance and tax certainty aspects of global minimum tax

Economiesuisse, the Swiss Business Federation represents approximately 100,000 companies from all business sectors and regions of...

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Dossier Digitalbesteuerung

SwissHoldings comments on OECD public consultation document: Pillar One – Amount B

Executive Summary We welcome the efforts made to simplify the tax base determination rules under Pillar One. We highly appreciate the...

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Our Federation

SwissHoldings is the association of industrial and service companies throughout Switzerland. Accounting for approximately 66 percent of the total market capitalization within the SIX Swiss Exchange. SwissHoldings is comprised of 61 of the largest groups in Switzerland, employing roughly 1.8 million globally, of which 202,000 work in Switzerland. Through the numerous services and supply contracts provided to SMEs by SwissHoldings, Switzerland’s multinational companies employ – directly and indirectly – more than half of all employees in Switzerland.

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