Favorable business conditions for multinational enterprises in Switzerland that’s what we stand for!

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Reports & Studies

Background: Further information on the EU Supply Chain Act and initial assessment by SwissHoldings

With the final approval of the Council of the European Union to the European Parliament’s version on 24 May 2024, the EU directive on...

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Facts and Figures on SwissHoldings Member Companies 2024

Every year we publish an overview of the importance of our member companies in Switzerland and worldwide. Our publication “Facts and...

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Session recaps

Session Recap Summer Session 2024

National Council 24.021 BRG. “In favour of a responsible economy within planetary boundaries”. Popular initiative The popular...

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Accounting and Financial Reporting

Strategic vision required for the implementation of climate reporting

At a well-attended online conference, SwissHoldings took an in-depth look at issues relating to climate reporting. This reporting enables...

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Session previews

Session Preview Summer Session 2024

This is an automated translation. The SwissHoldings session preview provides information on the issues of the upcoming summer session from...

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Press releases

Press release: Legal Affairs Committee fears new risks with the introduction of class actions

The introduction of class actions has been discussed in Switzerland for over ten years. The National Council’s Legal Affairs...

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Our Federation

SwissHoldings is the association of industrial and service companies throughout Switzerland. Accounting for approximately 66 percent of the total market capitalization within the SIX Swiss Exchange. SwissHoldings is comprised of 61 of the largest groups in Switzerland, employing roughly 1.8 million globally, of which 202,000 work in Switzerland. Through the numerous services and supply contracts provided to SMEs by SwissHoldings, Switzerland’s multinational companies employ – directly and indirectly – more than half of all employees in Switzerland.

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