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Session recaps

Session Recap Spring Session 2024

National Council 23.080 BRG. Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement of 9 September 1966 between Switzerland and France for the avoidance...

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Session previews

Session Preview Spring Session 2024

This is an automated translation. The SwissHoldings Session Preview informs about the upcoming issues of the spring session from 26...

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Session recaps

Session Recap Winter Session 2023

National Council 23.045 BRG. Hague Convention on Jurisdiction. Authorisation and implementation Within its scope of application, the...

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International Tax Law

Federal Council decides to introduce the OECD minimum tax in 2024

SwissHoldings notes with great concern the Federal Council’s decision to introduce the OECD minimum tax in 2024. The decision is not...

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Press releases

Press release: SwissHoldings welcomes the Federal Council’s efforts to secure and further develop the successful model of the bilateral approach

The Federal Council today adopted a draft negotiating mandate with the EU for the so-called Bilaterals III. The focus is on the so-called...

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Uncertain times for companies, challenging preparations – OECD misses target of timely clear rules

The OECD has failed to develop and agree on clear and practicable guidelines in good time. While the OECD is now issuing special rules for...

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Our Federation

SwissHoldings is the association of industrial and service companies throughout Switzerland. Accounting for approximately 66 percent of the total market capitalization within the SIX Swiss Exchange. SwissHoldings is comprised of 61 of the largest groups in Switzerland, employing roughly 1.8 million globally, of which 202,000 work in Switzerland. Through the numerous services and supply contracts provided to SMEs by SwissHoldings, Switzerland’s multinational companies employ – directly and indirectly – more than half of all employees in Switzerland.

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