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Today, the withholding tax drives the financing of Swiss companies abroad. The consequence: tax revenues and business opportunities are given away abroad. The Federal Council and Parliament want to correct this situation. The left, however, continues to discriminate against Switzerland and is blocking the overdue reform. A broad alliance of political parties and business associations is working to ensure that money from abroad comes back to Switzerland

Switzerland has a self-inflicted problem: the withholding tax drives corporate financing abroad. Today, Swiss companies are effectively forced to borrow capital abroad for investments. The Federal Council and politicians want to eliminate this disadvantage with the reform of the withholding tax. Switzerland should no longer give away taxes, jobs and AHV contributions abroad.

Withholding tax reform brings back money
The aim of the reform is to bring tax revenues and jobs back to Switzerland from abroad. Swiss taxpayers will benefit from the adjustment of the withholding tax, not the coffers of Luxembourg or other countries. The benefits of the reform can be seen on two levels: On the one hand, tax revenues increase already after a short time due to the return of lost business opportunities. On the other hand, the federal government, cantons and municipalities can finance themselves more cheaply in the future. Tax money can be used for the benefit of citizens instead of for interest. Companies will also be able to finance themselves more favorably in the future. This saves costs in the millions and creates important growth impulses in Switzerland instead of abroad. The reform ensures that the money stays here and benefits Switzerland.

So that Switzerland does not go away empty-handed
With the referendum, the SP wants to continue to put Switzerland at a disadvantage and thus accepts that taxes will be given away to foreign countries day after day. This is incomprehensible, especially in uncertain times. At the moment, it is particularly important to quickly correct errors in the tax system that put our country at an international disadvantage. This is exactly what the reform of the withholding tax does, which according to the Federal Council has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The reform brings back taxes and contributes to stability and sound public finances. The whole of Switzerland benefits.

Questions to:
Martin Landolt, National Councillor Die Mitte, 079 620 08 51
Beat Walti, National Councillor FDP, 079 296 72 25
Jürg Grossen, National Councillor, Party President GLP, Tel. 079 444 94 65
Andrea Sommer, Head of Communications SVP Switzerland, 079 35 22 61
Monika Rühl, Chairwoman of the Executive Board economiesuisse, 079 301 70 47
Roland A. Müller, Director Swiss Employers’ Association, 079 220 52 29
Martin Rufer, Director Swiss Farmers’ Union, 078 803 45 54
Stephan Mumenthaler, Director scienceindustries, 079 593 91 63
Jörg Gasser, CEO Swiss Bankers Association,
Urs Arbter, Director Swiss Insurance Association SVV,
Gabriel Rumo, Director SwissHoldings, 079 712 20 20
Stefan Brupbacher, Director Swissmem, 079 789 13 81

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