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Law commission rightly demands additional clarification on class action bill

The Legal Commission of the National Council decided at its meeting last Friday to postpone the decision regarding the adoption of the...

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Company Law

20.026: Revision of the Code of Civil Procedure: submission on the protection of professional secrecy RK-S

This is an automatic translation, which is why errors may occur The business community supports the current revision of the CCP. In...

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Statements / Positions

21.082 Code of Civil Procedure. Amendment: Joint submission of the associations

This is an automatic translation, which is why errors may occur Ladies and Gentlemen of the National Council At your meeting on June 24,...

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Company Law

Non-adoption of the class action bill (Business 21.082): Submission to the RK-NR

This is an automated tranlation, which is why errors may occur. We recommend that the class action bill (Business 21.082) not be passed The...

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Competition Law and Competition Policy

Vernehmlassung Teilrevision des Bundesgesetzes über Kartelle und andere Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen (Kartellgesetz, KG) – Stellungnahme SwissHoldings

Zusammenfassung: Die Vorlage muss – bevor die Botschaft verabschiedet wird, wesentlich überarbeitet werden, weil zwei wichtige Elemente,...

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Capital Market Law

Statement by SwissHoldings on the consultation on the transfer of the measure for the protection of the Swiss stock exchange infrastructure into the FMIA

SwissHoldings, the association of industrial and service companies in Switzerland, comprises 61 member companies, the majority of which are...

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