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With the implementation of the OECD minimum tax, the Swiss parliament has adopted a solution proposed by the Federal Council and the cantons. It ensures that the tax millions due to Switzerland remain in Switzerland and do not flow abroad. Our country is thus well positioned to keep jobs and prosperity in Switzerland.

The OECD tax reform is unavoidable. With the tax reform, large, internationally active companies will now be taxed at a minimum of 15 percent. If Switzerland does not comply, other countries will be allowed to skim off the shortfall in taxation. In order to avoid giving away tax revenues abroad, the Federal Council and Parliament therefore want to implement the OECD minimum tax in Switzerland quickly and at national level for all cantons.

If Switzerland does not implement the tax reform, other countries can tax our companies later. Taxes would be lost negligently, millions would flow abroad and there would be great legal uncertainty in Switzerland. Thanks to the reform, tax revenues will remain here and companies will be protected from additional taxation abroad. This means that Switzerland can continue to be an attractive location for internationally active companies.

This is why a broad alliance of organizations welcomes the implementation at the national level proposed by the Federal Council and the cantons and thus adopted by Parliament. The constitutional amendment is subject to a mandatory referendum and will be put to the vote on June 18, 2023.

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Pascal Nussbaum│Head of Communications & Public Affairs│079 798 52 40

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