Session recaps

Both councils

23.052 Assessment of the situation in Switzerland-EU relations. Report
Well-ordered relations between Switzerland and the EU are of essential importance for the strongly export-oriented Swiss economy. The situation report takes stock of the current European policy and states that the bilateral approach continues to be the best option for Switzerland. Both Councils have taken note of this report and have thus followed the APK’s proposal.
For SwissHoldings and its members, well-ordered relations with the EU are essential. SwissHoldings therefore welcomes the fact that both Councils have taken note of the report.

National Council

23.043 Double taxation. Agreement with the United Arab Emirates
The amendment protocol on the adoption of the BEPS minimum standards in the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and the UAE was put to the vote. The adoption of these will bring more clarity and legal certainty for Swiss companies. The National Council approved the deal by 136:38(10), which means that it will be referred to the Council of States.
SwissHoldings welcomes this decision.

Council of States

23.035 Protection of investments. Agreement with Indonesia
Since the previous Investment Protection Agreement (ISA) with Indonesia expired in 2016, there has been a gap in the treaty, which is to be closed with the submitted new agreement. The Council of States adopted the agreement by 29:10(0), referring it to the National Council.
SwissHoldings supports the agreement and welcomes its adoption.

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