The pace of international developments remains high. SwissHoldings continuously asses how Switzerland best positions itself to keep on being attractive and to continue earning large corporate tax revenues.

SwissHoldings is advocating beneficial tax conditions for cross-border investments and trade activities. This requires numerous attractive double tax treaties and a competitive, internationally accepted corporate tax system. The ETR III and the cantonal corporate tax reductions will prove decisive to maintain competitive tax conditions for the research and industry location Switzerland.

Dossier Digitalbesteuerung

Public Consultation on the Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal (“GloBE”) under Pillar Two Joint comments by economiesuisse and SwissHoldings

Key points:  Prior to an agreement on the new Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal, a thorough impact assessment should look at the effects...

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Dossier Digitalbesteuerung

Public Consultation on the Secretariat Proposal for a „Unified Approach“ under Pillar One – Joint comments by economiesuisse and SwissHoldings

economiesuisse und SwissHoldings haben eine gemeinsame Stellungnahme zur Säule 1 der OECD/G20-Steuerreform eingereicht. Die Unternehmen...

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Globale Umverteilung der Unternehmensgewinne gefährdet Schweizer Erfolgsfaktoren

Im Auftrag der G20 ist die OECD daran, die Gewinnsteuern grosser Unternehmen global neu zu verteilen. Das Projekt trägt den...

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  • With the reform of the Swiss Withholding Tax, the Swiss financial centre can be strengthened and the tax revenues of the Confederation and the cantons increased.
  • The international project to tax the digitised economy must not financially penalise states that invest in education and good framework conditions. Swiss groups support appropriate adjustments to the international tax rules.
  • The US tax reform has a considerable impact on the Swiss economy. With a rapid adjustment of the bilateral double taxation treaty, Switzerland can make positive use of the reform.
All necessary efforts need to be made that Switzerland remains a top location for tax purposes.


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