SwissHoldings is committed to proper compliance rules, legal certainty and protection of professional secrecy for in-house lawyers

The member firms of SwissHoldings strive to be good corporate citizens. They are anxious to comply with applicable regulations at their headquarters and in the countries in which they operate. To this end, they have introduced and maintain comprehensive compliance systems. They expect that regulations follow the rule of law and offer the companies utmost legal certainty. At the same time they expect that the regulation’s content do not to inappropriately restrict business activities.

Compliance and Data protection

Vernehmlassungsantwort zur Änderung der Zivilprozessordnung

Für unseren Verband, als Vertreter der international tätigen Wirtschaft der Schweiz, betrachten wir die ausgewogene Gestaltung der...

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Compliance and Data protection

Stellungnahme zu künftigem E-Identitätsgesetz

Digitale Technologien eröffnen Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik völlig neue Möglichkeiten. Die Digitalisierung ist Teil der...

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Compliance and Data protection

Stellungnahme zur Totalrevision des Datenschutzgesetzes

SwissHoldings, der Verband der Industrie- und Dienstleistungskonzerne in der Schweiz, umfasst 62 der grössten Konzerne in der Schweiz, die...

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  • The Swiss data protection must be based on principles, while ensuring equivalence with the EU regulation.
  • The transatlantic exchange of data is to remain efficient.
  • We strongly welcome that the Swiss Parliament supports a legal privilege for Inhouse-Counsels.
Swiss Holdings is committed to proper design and enforcement of mandatory regulations.


Jacques Beglinger

Attorney-at-law, D.E.S.S.
Member of the Executive Committee

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Dr. Manuela Baeriswyl


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