02. Dez 2021

The current pandemic has exposed many fundamental aspects of our society and the world needs to transcend the challenges laid bare by the crisis. One aspect is already clear- the impact agenda will be at the very heart of thinking about the world’s growing number of recovery plans.

Will we look back on 2021 as a turning point that spurred collaboration and cohesion in unprecedented ways? Whatever the answer proves to be, businesses will continue trying to understand stakeholder expectations and working to adapt their business models to stay relevant. Understanding the full spectrum of impacts of their business activities on society and the environment will be a necessity, but not sufficient. A new understanding of the links between performance, value and progress is needed. In addition, there is no single entity that can resolve either existing or emerging global challenges alone. We must co-create next generation solutions together.

In that spirit, the Co-Creating Impact Summit 2021 will bring together thought-leaders and experts from academia, institutions, business, and the financial markets to discuss the expanding spectrum of impact challenges and opportunities. The all-day virtual event will explore ways of reimagining and resetting capitalism, including impact-based decision-making, impact investing, social impact of access to health care, the integration of financial and sustainability reporting, and the crucial role of leadership.


We are excited to announce keynotes from

  • Sir Ronald Cohen, Chair of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment and the author of “IMPACT: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change” and  
  • Prof. Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

We will also be joined by distinguished speakers like

  • Naina Batra, Chairperson & CEO, AVPN,
  • Neil Stewart, Director of Corporate Outreach, SASB,
  • Rakhi Kumar, SVP, Sustainability Solutions, Liberty Mutual Insurance,
  • Nancy McGaw, Founder of the First Movers Fellowship Program and director of the Aspen Leaders Forum and
  • inspiring Novartis leaders like Lutz Hegemann, Head Corporate Affairs & Global Health, and Cristina Campos, Head Integrated Access.

John Elkington, Chairman & Chief Pollinator at Volans Ventures will chair the summit and will guide us through the day together with Sonja Haut, Head Strategic Measurement and Materiality from Novartis.

Please register here for the Summit. Our virtual exhibition remains open and will be updated for the 2021 event in November.

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