SwissHoldings represents the interests of direct investors and multinational companies operating out of Switzerland.

SwissHoldings represents the interests of Swiss direct investors and multinational companies. Foreign direct investments are important drivers for the international exchange of capital, expertise and staff, and thus represent a means for the promotion of prosperity at a global level. A solid legal framework for direct investment is a prerequisite for growth in the world economy and for the success of Swiss companies in world markets. Legislation applied to the investments should thus be revised and further developed with the utmost of care.

Dossier Konzern-Initiative

Ständerat orientiert sich an Bundesrat und beschliesst Gegenvorschlag ohne überschiessende Haftungsregeln

Im Zusammenhang mit der Unternehmens-Verantwortungs-Initiative ging es heute um die Frage, ob dieser Initiative ein indirekter...

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Eingaben / Positionen

Empfehlungen SwissHoldings an die WAK-N im Hinblick auf die Beratung der Motion „Schutz der Schweizer Wirtschaft durch Investitionskontrollen“ (18.3021) vom 7./8. Oktober 2019

Gemeinsame Eingabe von SwissHoldings an die WAK-N im Hinblick auf die Beratung der Motion “Schutz der Schweizer Wirtschaft durch...

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Dossier Konzern-Initiative

Vernehmlassungsantwort: Aktualisierung des Nationalen Aktionsplanes „Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte“

Kurzposition der Wirtschaft SwissHoldings begrüsst die Bemühungen des Bundesrates, das bestehende Engagement des Bundes im Bereich...

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  • Swiss direct investors are very important for our national economy. Understanding of this must be increased.
  • SwissHoldings requests that Switzerland makes greater efforts in developing reciprocal access conditions for global investment markets. The association currently rejects the introduction of a regulatory check for foreign direct investments.
  • The existing rules for CSR commitment by companies are complex but they work. Switzerland should continue to pursue an internationally agreed procedure in this area.
SwissHoldings is committed to an optimal framework for foreign direct investments which ensures market access and protects enterprises from discrimination.


Denise Anne Laufer

Member of the Executive Committee, lic. oec.

+41 31 356 68 62

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