SwissHoldings represents the interests of issuers on capital market issues

SwissHoldings is committed to stable and efficient capital and financial markets. Important legislative changes are under way in the area of capital market law on the international as well as on the domestic level which will affect our member firms. The new regulations must preserve and restore confidence in the well functioning of the capital markets and at the same time assure the necessary flexibility for companies.

Capital Market

SwissSPTC – Shareholders Rights Directive II – Auswirkungen auf den Schweizer Markt

Referat über die Shareholders Rights Directive II, anlässlich der SKSF Wertschriftenkonferenz vom 24. April 2019. Download Referat (PDF)...

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Capital Market

Vernehmlassungsantwort zum Bundesgesetz über die Bekämpfung der Geldwäscherei und der Terrorismusfinanzierung

SwissHoldings, der Verband der Industrie- und Dienstleistungskonzerne in der Schweiz umfasst derzeit 61 Mitgliedfirmen, die mehrheitlich an...

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Capital Market

Vernehmlassung zum Vorentwurf für eine Schiedsordnung sowie Teilrevision der Verfahrensordnung und des Reglements der Beschwerdeinstanz

SwissHoldings stellt sich nicht gegen den Erlass einer Schiedsordnung und entsprechend auch nicht gegen die dadurch notwendig gewordenen...

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  • The regulation of financial services should take due account of the interests of the issuers. On envisaged measures to extend legal protection and criminalisation should be avoided.
  • The flexible Swiss bond market may not be jeopardized by unnecessarily high and formalistic prospectus requirements.
  • When issuing simple corporate bonds as well as private placements, the formalities must be kept low in order not to reduce the attractiveness of the Swiss financial market.
Listed companies rely on access to efficient capital markets to raise capital, to manage their liquid assets and to hedge their business risks.


Jacques Beglinger

Attorney-at-law, D.E.S.S.
Member of the Executive Committee

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